Filipino Classes

Essential Filipino Language Class

Learn how to speak basic Filipino in a fun and interactive social learning setting.

Essential Filipino Language Class will teach you how to engage in conversational Filipino by learning common words and phrases used by native Filipino speakers.

This includes: asking for help with directions or transportation, ordering food, shopping at a department store, and using common expressions and phrases when conversing with your relatives.

By the end of this class, you will have the confidence to communicate effectively on your next trip to the Philippines.

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Online Classes

Our online classes are designed to guide students in a learning environment where structure meets flexibility. Core subjects include:

Filipino Language

Fundamental phrases that will teach you how to get around in the Philippines and talk to your elders.


The customs and traditions of Filipino culture that defines our people.


The story of our motherland and the waves of immigration that brought Fil-Ams to America.


The influence and importance of food and how it shows the goodness of our people.

Political empowerment

How civic engagement and community building plays an integral part in the representation of Fil-Ams in government.


The basics of building a business and the skills required for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Financial literacy

The fundamentals on managing your finances efficiently and how you can invest in your future.

You can join these online classes anytime and from anywhere in the world.

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