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Sweetwater Union HS District Reinstates Mary Rose Peralta

May 20, 2021

About eleven months after being demoted from her position as principal of Chula Vista High School (CVHS), Mary Rose Peralta was reinstated as full-fledged principal at Otay Ranch High School. Shortly after the official announcement, Peralta posted an update on social media stating that “On Monday night, ‘interim’ was removed before ‘principal’ by the Board of Trustees.”

Samala Marquez: A community of 1000 families displaced by a fire that destroys 500 homes

March 20, 2021

Amidst the surge of the Covid-Pandemic happening in the Philippines today, a fire swept through the neighborhood of Samala-Marquez and displaced over 500 families on Friday morning, March 19th. Over 1000 residents are now left with nothing. No food. No Shelter. No way of living.

When Fil-Ams Take a Stand

January 04, 2021

Bias and discrimination in the US have been the center of many major movements over the decades. Today, more Filipino-Americans are taking a stand and raising their voices when their freedom and livelihoods are threatened. This is how Principal Mary Rose Peralta’s story starts.

Palawan – Cradle of the Philippine Civilization

December 25, 2020

In Palawan, in the group of islands known as the “Cradle of Philippine Civilization’, we find the Tagbanwa, one of the oldest ethnic groups in the Philippines. They’re a group of people who developed their own religion, language, and culture, signifying the progressiveness (pagiging progresibo) they developed even before Spain came to the Philippines.