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The Filipino School (TFS) is in search of individuals committed to empowering the Filipino nation, which we define as Filipinos all over the world, through grassroots development, community outreach, media production, and event organizing (both digital and virtual).

These are the ways you can be part of TFS today.

Every dollar you give will bring us closer to a world where millions of Filipino Americans and Filipinos in different parts of the world are connecting and creating solutions with one another for the greater good of our communities. The work of The Filipino School is aimed at inspiring every Filipino American to rediscover a rich culture and heritage that will move them and allow them to become leaders and prime movers of change in American society.


Your everyday purchases on Amazon can make a difference! By designating The Filipino School as your organization of choice, every purchase you make via helps fund our programs. Initiatives that will empower every Filipino all over the world to embrace their heritage and discover the greatness in their identity.

Choose from several options where you can be part of a team that will help organize events, promote our pioneering immersion experience through Filgrimage the Tour and Filgrimage the Digital Series, or apply your skills in producing videos and digital experiences for our audience and partner organizations. Likewise, you can be a part of an army of changemakers that builds and uplifts Filipino Americans in the United States and Filipinos anywhere in the world.
With more than 100 million on social media spending up to eight hours a day, a digital influencer can help promote truthful and accurate narratives and content that will empower Filipinos and promote bayanihan and pakikipagkapwa. Regardless of how big or small your following is, discover today how you can be a digital influencer for The Filipino School.
If you lead or are part of an organization whose goal is to bring Filipinos together for a noteworthy cause, meet with us (digitally or in person) to see how we can collaborate. We are open to partnerships and collaborations within the United States and the Philippines.