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A heart full of goodness within.

Please support our fundraiser to provide 10 desktop computers and two laptops to the students of the Multinational Sacred Heart School in Paranaque City, Philippines.

In 2019, San Diego Hon. Consul Audie de Castro lost his phone during a trip to the Philippines. Upon returning to the States, he received a message from a grade school teacher who found the phone while on a field trip. She took the time and effort to find the owner and conducted an internet search to get the phone returned. It started a friendship born of dire circumstances.

After more than three years, Consul de Castro and his friend Tony Olaes went to visit Teacher Marivic’s school. They discovered that her school’s computer room only has two archaic computers to help serve a thousand kids. It’s now his turn to do something, not just for her, but for the children she serves.

Operation Fil❤️ activated! Let us come together and show what is great about the Filipino heart. Help us make a difference in bringing technology to these students’ education.