The new digital series, FILGRIMAGE “a Filipino pilgrimage”, captures the life-changing journey of young Filipino-Americans in their quest for identity. Filgrimage: The Digital Series WATCH NOW The Filipino School empowers the Filipino diaspora by creating content that celebrates our culture and history. A plant with no roots can never grow Established in 2015, The Filipino School seeks to educate, empower the Filipino diaspora. It is an avenue for Filipinos like you, wherever you may be, to get a chance to know more about your Filipino culture and heritage. No History, No Self. Know History, Know Self.

Filgrimage: The Digital Series is the first installment of a docu-style multi-episode digital series that tells the story of 8 young Fil-Ams who participated in a Filgrimage trip in July 2019. It shows the transformational journey of the Filgrimage participants as they embark on a journey to various parts of their homeland, the Philippines.

This project is made in partnership with The Fililpino Channel

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An educational series that tells the story of The Philippines and its people, in an easy to learn format. The project aims to bring context and understanding about our heritage and identity to the global Filipino youth.

Through the use of animation, compelling musical score, and inspiring story, the project hopes to become more engaging and viewable for the young generation of viewers.

Coming soon this 2021.

What is The Filipino School?

The Filipino School seeks to EDUCATE, AWAKEN, and EMPOWER the Filipino-American individuals. It is an avenue for Filipino-Americans like you to get a chance to know more about your Filipino culture and heritage. It inspires you to connect and re-connect with your Filipino roots and as a result awakens your Bayanihan spirit: working together to help others in pursuit of uplifting the community and the Filipino Nation.