The Filipino School opens educational fund

The Filipino School opens educational fund to purchase school kits for Filipino children affected by the Samala-Marquez neighborhood fires in Cavite. The fires occurred on March 19, 2021, burning 500 homes and affecting over 1,000 families. Many were left with little...

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What is the Fil-Am Model for Nation Building

It seeks to educate, connect, and empower Filipinos in the United States and so together, in the spirit of Bayanihan, we can alleviate poverty for the Philippines and uplift The Filipino Nation all over the world.

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The Filipino School Introduces Crossover

Crossover is a 3-part video series by The Filipino Channel (TFC) and The Filipino School, where a group of young Filipino Americans from San Diego connect with rising musicians from Manila…

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When Fil-Ams Take a Stand

Bias and discrimination in the US have been the center of many major movements over the decades. Today, more Filipino-Americans are taking a stand and raising their voices when their freedom and livelihoods are threatened.

This is how Principal Mary Rose Peralta’s story starts. This video shows that no amount of discrimination and racism can ever break the Filipino spirits as long as we’re together, uniting for what we believe in. Walang Iwanan.

Three hundred (300) Filipino-Americans stood up for Mary Rose, think of what 30,000 can do.

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Palawan – Cradle of the Philippine Civilization

In Palawan, in the group of islands known as the “Cradle of Philippine Civilization’, we find the Tagbanwa, one of the oldest ethnic groups in the Philippines. They’re a group of people who developed their own religion, language, and culture, signifying the...

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