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The Filipino Story is a six-part animated series consisting of 5-minute episodes that tells the story of the Philippines and the Filipino people in both an entertaining and educational way.

Created in collaboration with an all-Filipino team of artists, historians, musicians, and storytellers, the series aim to educate, awaken, and inspire the next generation about our shared history and identity, wherever they may be in the world. In the end, it is about being proud of one’s heritage, feeling the love for the Motherland and Her people, and embodying the core values of Kapwa and Bayanihan— becoming a nation where nobody gets left behind.


EP 1: What Does it Mean to Be Filipino?

Is it our taste for strong, flavorful cuisine? Is it our obsession with playing basketball, even while wearing flip-flops? Or…is it something much deeper than that? If we really want to find out what it means to be Filipino, then we have to look back into our history. Let’s find out how our culture first began!

EP 2: The Beauty of the Philippines

The beauty of the Philippines is often portrayed through our beautiful postcard locations. But when asking travelers what they find the most beautiful about our country, many of them would say that it’s the hearts of our people! Where does this beauty come from? Join us in this expedition of discovering the core of the beauty of the Philippines!

EP 3: The Greatness of the Filipino

There are so many things about being Filipino that make us great. Many say that we are talented and creative, as well as hospitable and family-oriented. Is our tendency to be great at these things something that is rooted in our culture? And of all the stuff that we do, what is the greatest? Let’s explore the world of our ancestors and learn about the greatness of the Filipino people!

Ep 4: Stunted Greatness

The Philippines today isn’t quite the same as it once was. How did the path of our people come to be this way? Let’s take a look at the story of our past, and see how the bright and shining future that our ancestors dreamed of, was plunged into darkness.

EP 5: The Filipino Way

What is the Filipino Way, and who can come and show it to us when the world can be so dark and easy to get lost in? Our past, our culture, and our language may contain the answer to this question, and as it turns out…that person who can lead us to the Way may be closer than you think!

EP 6: The Filipino Dream

What is the Filipino Dream, and how can we turn it into a reality? Once we are reminded of the deep heritage that runs through our veins, the Filipino Dream becomes clear…it’s the same dream that the first Filipinos had when they came to our motherland thousands of years ago. It’s the same dream that every Bayani has been passing down from generation to generation. And now…it’s the same dream that is being passed on to you.

What does it really mean to be Filipino?

Identity and Filipinos in America
Filipinos have been in the United States for centuries, when a Spanish galleon carrying Filipino sailors docked on what is now known as Morro Bay, California, on Oct. 18, 1587.

Since then, through colonization, economic migration, and generations of Filipinos in America settling in the continental USA, Hawaiian Islands, and the U.S. territories of Guam and Saipan, Filipinos have blossomed to become a social and economic force in the country.

At the time of this writing, there are an estimated 4.2 million Filipinos in America, with a buying power of more than $100 billion.

For many Filipinos, however, the road to settling down in America is but the beginning of an odyssey to discovering one’s identity.

There are those, especially amongst the youth who were born and raised in the States as Americans and have Filipino heritage, continue to seek, and ask the question: Who am I?

7,393 miles to home
In 2019, The Filipino School based in San Diego, California, mounted a pioneering effort. It brought young Filipino-Americans to the Philippines, providing a life changing trip that will transform the way they would see themselves.

Many of them are visiting the Philippines for the very first time and it was a trip that was documented in Filgrimage: The Digital Series, that follows their journey to discovery.

What they all realized: To become Filipino requires one to look back, to discover heritage, and to experience culture and tradition.

The Filipino Story, Your Story
Knowledge is key to discovering one’s identity and to provide this in a historically accurate and easily digestible format, The Filipino School took a groundbreaking step to produce a six-part animated series.

Told from the vantage point of those of us who share a common identity, the goal of The Filipino Story is to remind us of who we truly are and the greatness we have within. It’s a story intent on awakening our true Filipino identity.